Nine Inch Nails' Still, the 2002 companion album to And All That Could Have Been, is available on CD from the NIN merch store, and for digital download on Amazon 's MP3 store and iTunes. The Amazon release is higher quality and DRM-free, although the iTunes release includes a PDF version of the Still CD booklet. The CD version is not available in stores, but can be purchased via the NIN merch store.

Still includes several stripped-down live in-studio recordings of Nine Inch Nails songs, as well as original material:

1. Something I Can Never Have
2. Adrift and at Peace
3. The Fragile
4. The Becoming
5. Gone, Still
6. The Day The World Went Away
7. And All That Could Have Been
8. The Persistence Of Loss
9. Leaving Hope

Here is a YouTube playlist highlighting some of the material from Still: